Planned obsolescence?

Planned obsolescence?

My Marshall Monitor has been with me for about four years. Be it for video conferencing, listening to music, editing movies, it's my go-to headphone.

After less than three years, the plastic ear pads began to decompose. Annoying, but at least spare parts are available on the market and I could extend the life of my headphones. Marshall even made tool-free replacement possible using magnets to hold the pads in place, amazing!

But as of this year, the synthetic leather on the bow of the handset is also falling apart, leaving black plastic crumbs everywhere I work. What about replacements here?

The synthetic leather piece with visible decomposition, cut away from the Monitor´s bow

Well, unfortunately, there is no way to get this part replaced unless you start destructive cutting or unsoldering electronics.

I decided to replace the decomposing plastic cover with a homemade, removable one and durable materials. Luckily I found everything I needed left over from some previous projects:

  • A piece of fabric
  • A zipper
  • Some thread
It's just a pity that you only did half the work at Marshall, selling products which end up in the bin while still working fine. Or was this the goal, to sell another product after 3 years?

But who knows, maybe this little hack inspires you more durable products. One can still dream.