Planned obsolescence?

Planned obsolescence?

My Marshall Monitor headphones have been my trusted companion for almost four years now. Whether I'm on video calls, enjoying music, or editing movies, they are my preferred choice.

Unfortunately, after just under three years of use, the synthetic ear pads started to deteriorate. It's inconvenient, but thankfully, replacement parts are readily available, allowing me to prolong the lifespan of my headphones. Marshall has even made the replacement process easy with tool-free installation using magnetic attachments for the pads, which is impressive.

However, this year, I've encountered another issue—the synthetic leather on the headband is also deteriorating, leaving small black plastic particles everywhere I work. I'm now wondering if there are replacement options available for this part as well.

The synthetic leather piece with visible decomposition, cut away from the Monitor´s bow

Regrettably, the only way to replace this part would involve destructive cutting or unsoldering electronics. Instead, I chose to create a homemade, removable cover using durable materials. Fortunately, I had all the necessary supplies leftover from previous projects:

  • A piece of fabric
  • A zipper
  • Some thread
It's unfortunate that you only completed half the task at Marshall, leading to products that end up being discarded while still functional. Was this intentional, to ensure the sale of a new product every three years?

However, perhaps this simple trick might encourage you to create longer-lasting products. One can always hope.