Vitalis Hirschmann

Engineer & Customer Advocate

I am a microengineering and robotics Engineer with a wide range of skills in electronics, mechanics, and firmware development, with 15 years of experience in product design.

I always strive to understand the needs and expectations of my customers and to deliver solutions that meet or exceed them. I use rapid prototyping and Minimum Viable Product techniques to test and validate new products or features at an early development stage.

Meeting customers in the field and observing how they use and maintain the products is very important to me, as it provides me with invaluable feedback for improvement.

Product Management

Cross-functional leadership

As a Product Manager I work with a strong focus on aligning product vision with company strategy, and understanding the needs and preferences of the target markets.

I have extensive experience in writing clear and comprehensive requirements, and working closely with R&D, Customer Success and Marketing teams to deliver high-quality products and services.

Throughout my career, I have managed multiple product life cycles, from ideation to launch to retirement, always keeping the customer experience at the forefront of my design decisions.

One of my proudest achievements was leading the development and launch of the world’s first operational Satellite IoT network with an end-to-end solution that has been proven in the field.

Technical Project Management

Product design & industrialization

As a Technical Project Manager, I specialize in developing and industrializing complex electronic products that are highly integrated, ultra low power, cost-effective and durable.

I have led the development of embedded systems that have custom housings, IP68 ingress protection, and proven long battery life of 10 years. This is demonstrated by tens of thousands of installed devices worldwide.

My experience also includes initiating and setting up all production processes at partner facilities, ensuring high standards of assembly, testing, and quality control, as well as economic efficiency.


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